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Alphabet Animal Puzzle

Take a colorful journey through the animal kingdom where cute creatures big and small are waiting to guide kids through their ABC’s. From jellyfish to penguins and kangaroos to turtles, they’ll meet tons of new furry and feathered friends while learning about animals and the alphabet. Each new creature and letter is also a cool puzzle that pops on the screen when solved, ensuring kids will have a blast each time they play. Learning has never been so much fun!

In Alphabet Animal Puzzle, kids enjoy a range of important learning tasks that hit three vital areas: memorization, pronunciation, and problem solving. All letters A to Z have an adorable animal to match, and with a tap on the touch screen, kids hear the letter or animal name spoken aloud so that they can learn to recognize and pronounce each one. The cartoon animals are all simple 4 to 8-piece puzzles that bring learning to life on the screen in a way that’s perfect for young children. As they drag and drop to figure out how to solve the puzzle, they’re developing problem solving skills that are essential to their development and will spur their learning process as they grow. Once the puzzle is solved, the letters pop out to celebrate a job well done. It’s cool educational fun that kids and parents will both love.

Created for ages 1-5, Alphabet Animal Puzzle features delightful cartoon animals and fun music that combine to bring everything parents want in an educational game and exactly what kids need to stay entertained. It’s never too early to start learning. Let’s play today!

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

  • Simple Touch Controls! Tap, Drag, and Drop!
  • 26 Puzzles! One for Each Letter!
  • Cute, Colorful Animals Kids Love
  • Cool Music and Neat Animations
  • Easy 4 to 8-Piece Puzzles for Ages 1-5
  • Friendly Voice Pronounces Letters and Animals

Animal Puzzle - Drag 'n' Drop is currently available for the Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Devices.